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Electric car share amenity 
for multi- family housing.

The only amenity that saves residents money, provides a service they need, and makes building owners money.
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Eve brings shared electric cars
to those that need them most.
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Booking Application: 

Simple to reserve and access shared cars.


Electric Cars: 

Provided by Eve at no cost.

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Car Charging: 

Provided by Eve and our partners at no cost.

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Management and Support: 

Eve insures, services, and manages it all.

Business Model
How Eve brings your building into the mobility revolution.
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Eve Cost:

$5/hr    or  $0.08/min


$30/hr  or  $0.50/min


$50/hr  or  $0.83/min

Trends Model
Embracing the new normal
Thriving in the sharing economy

Before the pandemic, self-employment was quickly rising. During the pandemic, the work-from-home population has exploded! For your residents, this means no commuting to work
and no need for a commuter car. 

Eve community car-sharing removes the
need for private car ownership, allowing residents the freedom to sell their vehicles. Shared electric vehicles attract tenants
that don't own cars.

Eve enables you to offer an amazing amenity that your tenants want, that makes you money, and costs nothing out of pocket.
Eve's benefits go beyond profit
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Eve is 90% more affordable than a privately owned car.


26% of Eve users will sell their personal car, while 53% of Eve users will avoid buying a car or upgrading.

Each shared car puts money into your tenants’ hands and generates revenue for you.

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Each shared electric car prevents 22,500 lb of carbon from being released each year, directly fighting climate change.

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Each shared electric car prevents 1,428 Gallon of gas from being burnt every year, removing the harmful carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and unburned hydrocarbons.

The negative impacts of private gas cars have the most detrimental effects on the most vulnerable in our communities.

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